Mochahost review - worst experience of my life

sometimes in life you experience hell in this world itself, that what happened to me when i decided to go with mocha host. In my 10 years of experience with dealing with different hosting companies i never had such a worse experience in my life.
My bad luck started when i decided to transfer my sites to mocha obviously attracted by the cheap managed packages, ofcourse the word managed was just for name sake which i later learned. I would have got better support with an unmanaged package at another host, just makes me wonder what kind of support they would be offering with the real unmanaged service.
While writing this review i havent even started to use the service so i cant comment on its quality, I setup my account with mochahost on 26th and today is 1st i knew 1 day would be enuf to transfer the sites still i did the setup 4 days in advance since my billing date on my old host is on 1st.

Yeh thats right, they have not still transferred the sites, and i have already been billed by the old host. And when i email them they say your mail has been forwarded, thats the standard reply. No reason, no information provided, they just mention your mail has been forwarded to some fucking where.

well thats it, just taking the anger out