Clean PC after windows 8 upgrade

You just upgraded your PC's OS from Windows XP to Windows 8. Feels awesome for the moment, isn’t it? However, what happened to the data related to the previous Windows installation? Have you ever bothered about this? If not, its time to give a thought on this- because a "wow-full" feeling about the upgradation can be overshadowed by the "awful" behavior of the older data left on your system. The data related to the previous Windows installation can be still lying on your system. Consequently, it might be consuming a big amount of your disk space hence degrading system performance. You must take care that your disk space is clean enough deleting all such unwanted clutters on the system.

So, the first question rises is - where does the older Windows installation data reside? You can locate it on" C:\Windows.old " Windows.old is system generated folder which probably might have thousand's of files using up quite a few GB of the disk space. You need to delete this folder in order to remove traces of unwanted huge amount of data on your system.

How do we delete Windows.old folder? Try Shift+Delete? Remember- the folder is system-generated so Shift+Delete can do no bad to the folder. Need to follow a workaround to tackle it.

Step1: Go to Run on Start menu or Press "Windows" button and key "R". This opens up the Run window.
Step2: Type " cleanmgr " in the window and press Enter. This will open up Disk Clean utility.
Step3: Browse to the path where latest OS is installed (likely C:\ drive?)
Step4: Click on button "Clean Up System Files."
Step5: The selected drive will be scanned by the utility.
Step6: After the scan is completed, click on the option “Previous Windows installation.” and click OK.
Yippee!!! This is it. Now, you have a clutter-free system with lots of free disk space. Enjoy the difference.