Smart phone market share in India (Vendor share)

Nokia remained the largest seller of smart phones in India. Its market share for 2011 remained at 46 percent. But there has been a significant fall in market share for Nokia in 2011 itself. In the beginning of the year Nokia had a share of 60 percent while it fell to 40% towards the end of the year. 

Chasing Nokia closed behind was Samsung, as per some reports Samsung has already replaced Nokia as the largest seller of smart phones in India, also note that Samsung had for some time replaced apple as the largest seller of phones globally. 

In 2011 Nokia didnt had any blockbuster product, but in 2012 Nokia might increase its market share with the lumia range, Samsung will be competition with Nokia directly in the windows phone category with their omnia range. Also Samsung has the widest range of Android phones which are being pushed aggressively.

Samsung has also announced Galaxy Ace 2 the successor to their highly successful galaxy Ace. I expect Motorola to pick up some market share this year, from what i heard Motorola defy and Motorola defy plus has been very successful in India. Also since motorola is now a google company we can expect some fire works soon. Sony  is also going to be a strong contender with their Xperia range.  Since they have bought out the stakes of Ericsson from the Joint venture, they will be in a better position to compete. Others are going to have a hard time unless they bring something unique to the table.