Enable 3g on Samsung Galaxy Ace

When i bought Galaxy ace phone i was in an area that should have 3g access but there was no 3g sign being shown. And since tria was recently making some noise about not allowing 3g spectrum sharing between networks i thought may be 3g is not available on vodafone in kerala.

Generally when you put a sim card in the 3g phone and if its in 3g area it should automatically connect to the 3g network. But that doent happen in Samsung Galaxy Ace which i realized after  i tried an idea sim (Idea has 3g licence in kerala) to check if its catching 3g but to my dismay there was no 3g connection displayed. I have used e63 with 3g before and in that device 3g was always detected automatically when in 3g area.

Finally after some tinkering i was able to access vodafone 3g in kerala on my Galaxy Ace. My version of galaxy ace uses ice cream sandwich so it could be possible that your version might be different and the options and menu might not be same as mine.

  1. Make sure you have activated 3g by sending the respective 3g activation sms to your operator.
  2. Once 3g is activated for your device now go to settings --> Wireless and networks
  3. Choose mobile  network settings, make sure that you have activated 'Use packet data' option.
  4. In the network mode by default it would be GSM/WCDMA (Auto mode), now change that to WCDMA only. Make sure you are in an area that has 3g coverage.
  5. Now after some time you will see HSPA / 3G logo near your network tower. 
  6. Now connect to the internet. Surf for a while then again go to setting and change your network mode back to GSM/WCDMA auto mode.

Once you have done this your mobile will pick up 3g signal whenever its available and switch back to 2g EDGE connection when 3g is not available