Suggestive pinup girls added to Soviet style posters by Valery Barykin

Artist Valery Barykin fuses the American pin-up art of the 30s and 40s with soviet style inspiration posters. While the American Pin-up posters had pretty girls the Russian posters often showed strict women giving orders to the public. Valery Barykin mixes these two diametrically opposite style to create posters that give typical soviet style instructions fused with traditional erotica inspired illustration.

Valery Barykin has been creating these soviet style pin-ups since 2000 and his work have been hugely popular. Valery graduated as a Theater Artist from Nizhny Novgorod Theatre School.

Do Not Distract Driver's Attention From Motorway

Do Not Waste Working Minutes!

Always Help Young Driver

Moving Only Forward!

Sanitary Technician! Be the Best in Your Working Place!

A Book Is Always Your Best Friend

How hard have you worked today?

Avoid Hard Breaking

Join us at the construction site | Young forman approach the construction site.

Share your experience with the youth | Give all your salary to your wife.

Respect the work of a cleaner

Cute felt puppy sculptures by Minami Kawasaki

Japanese artist Minami Kawasaki created these ultra cute grouping of puppies using felt. Minami takes the art of felting a step further by rendering these puppies in extremely realistic manner. The sculpture is titled 'Home sweet home' and i bet it does emit a very homely feeling. 

Minami Kawasaki is from Joshibi University of Art and Design.

Extremely detailed pop illustrations of not so nice ladies by Laura Callaghan

London based illustrator Laura Callaghan showcases a different side of women which is rarely represented in art. Her characters are not beautiful ladies but normal women with faults and weakness. Her artworks are a commentary on the messed up lives of today's women. Laura's illustrations are filled with narrative, with little details adding to the character's back story scattered all over the drawings.

Artist website:, Laura Callaghan on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram

Oil paintings of beautiful women in sexy poses by Thomas Saliot

Over the last 20 years Thomas Saliot has painted hundreds of paintings often featuring women in sensual and erotic setting. Most of these paintings are inspired from iconic photos floating around the web. 

Thomas Sailot lives between Marrakech and Paris, he completed his art education from Met de penninghen in Paris. 

Artist website:, Thomas Saliot on Facebook, Tumblr, InstagramTwitter