Animal sculptures created with wire mesh by Kendra Haste

UK based artist Kendra Haste creates animals sculptures using galvanized steel wire mesh. An avid lover of the wild, she has taken many expeditions to study these creatures in their natural surrounding.  Using wire mesh gives a ghostly transparency to her sculptures making them visually more stunning. Kendra believes in capturing the true spirit of the animal in her sculptures instead of creating a verbatim 3d representation.

Kendra Haste has an M.A. from Royal College of Art, London. She lives and works in Surrey.

Artist website:   Kendra Haste on Facebook, Instagram

The creepy mutant creatures of Patricia Piccinini

Australia based artist Patricia Piccinini raises questions about Genetic mutation and cloning through these revolting hyperreal sculptures. The creatures have properties of animals, humans and some totally alien looking lifeforms. Patricia's sculpture brings to our notice the ill effects of human interventions in nature through genetics, cloning. Patricia portrays her creatures with realistic human attributes like human skin and hair or in a social setting similar to humans thus evicting sympathy towards the plight of these fictional characters.

Sierra Lione born artist Patricia Piccinini completed her BFA in painting from Victorian college of Arts. She is an award winning artist and have exhibited her works across the world. 

Artist website:

Artwork created with colored grains by Karol Pomykala

Artist and advertising professional Karol Pomykala is an artist based out of Warsaw, Poland. He works as an art director for advertising major Saatchi&Saatchi.  These artworks were created for Novartis Otrivin Allergy's 'Enjoy Pollen' print campaign.  Colored grains were scattered over paper to create these amazing scenes.  

Karol Pomykala on BehanceFacebook Blog