Sculptures created from scraps of steel by Jordi Diez Fernandez

Barcelona based artist Jordi Diez Fernandez creates sculptures using fragments scrap steel. The sculptures are created in such a way that it leaves lots of empty pockets within the body creating a beautiful effect that looks more digital. Apart from steel Jordi also works in Terracota, wood and stone.

Artist website: Jordi Diez Fernandez

Magnificent animal sculptures created from scrap metal by John Lopez

An apartment building inspired from a tree house by Luciano Pia

Turin, Italy based architect Luciano Pia has built a steel structure with enormous pots around an apartment block resembling an interconnected tree house. Large number of trees have been planted all over this structure making the whole building look like a giant vertical forest. The building has 150 trees which insulate the residents from noise and air pollution. The carefully selected trees are capable of absorbing 2,00,000 liters of carbon dioxide every hour. The choice of colors and materials are very earthly, it gives the feeling as if the trees and the building is meant to coexist. It would be an incredible experience to live in a building like this.

Architect website:

Houses with trees on terrace by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Sculptures made from steel bolts by Tobbe Malm

Oslo based artist and blacksmith Tobbe Malm has created a series of sculptures made from old steel bolts. The sculptures not only resemble human forms but also express human emotions. The series has been titled 'Bolt Poetry'. Tobbe malm creates narratives of sorry, pain, joy and warmth through these simplistic forms.

Artist website:

'Broken' by Pieter van den Heuvel

Pieter van den Heuvel is a Netherlands based illustrator and copywriter. I would choose not to spoil this beautifully conceived work by describing it in words here.

Artist website:

Bleeding architectural watercolor paintings by Sunga park

Korean artist Sunga Park creates beautiful watercolor paintings of iconic buildings and cities. The paintings are from her travel to these places. The paintings are made in washed out style which creates a dreamy effect as if the paintings form a part of one's memory.

Sunga Park is a self taught artist based in South Korea, She currently works as a graphics designer and Illustrator. Also see water color paintings of famous bridges by Maja Wronska.

source: Sunga Park on Behance