Beautiful sculptures made from old keys and coins by Michael Moerkerk

Australian artist Michael Moerkerk creates sculptures ranging from spheres to a female torso by soldering together old keys and coins. Apart from these metal sculptures Michael is also interested in wood working and photography. Michael Moerkerk is a self taught artist honed his skills by watching youtube videos. Michael sells these creations on his Etsy shop

Michael Moerkerk on FacebookInstagram

Delicate glass sculptures inspired from nature by Emily Williams

Emily Williams is a Georgia based glass artist who creates extremely delicate and fragile glass sculptures inspired from underwater sea life, mostly corals. The work begins by melting straight rods of borosilicate glass with glass torch. Emily Williams has a MFA in sculpture from Washington University  and a BFA in sculpture from V.C.U.

Artist website: Emily Williams on Facebook, Twitter, PintrestGoogle Plus

Classical paintings photoshopped into contemporary scenes by Alexey Kondakov

Alexey Kondakov places figures taken out from classical paintings into urban scenes. The classical characters seem to blend seamlessly with the modern surrounding. Alexey Kondakov is an Ukranian artist based in Kiev. 

source: Alex Kondakov on Facebook

Amazing line illustration of the rolling stones by Stavros Damos

Greek illustrator Stavros Damos created these magnificent portraits of the Rolling Stones using his unique style. Stavros Damos is a professional freelance illustrator who works mostly for print media. He learned graphic design from AAS college of Art and Design. 

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Bowls made from leaf skeletons by Kay Sekimachi

Kay Sekimachi is a San Francisco based fiber artist who has created several works of art using simple materials throughout her career spanning 60 years. The leaf bowls has been created with real leaf skeletons, she also used watercolors, kozo paper and krylon coating to increase its shelf life. 

Born to first generation Japanese american parents, she has often taken inspiration for her artworks from the Japanese culture. Kay Sekimachi studied at the California college of Art and Craft in Oakland.

Mesmerizing photographs of women among flowers by Bella Kotak

Fine art and fashion photographer Bella Kotak has captured some truly beautiful images in her photoseries titled 'Bloom' which features beautiful woman among floral and natural surrounding. Bella uses multiple shots which are combined together to form a final image. Through her photographs Bella tries to create magical scenes in ordinary spaces. Her photographs are inspired from fairytales, nature and femininity. 

Artist website:, Bella Kotak on: Facebook, Twitter, InstagramFlickr