Weird and spooky clay sculptures by Ronit Baranga

Israel based artist Ronit Baranga creates sculptures that are weird and repulsive. Her crockery sculptures have fingers and mouth growing all over plates and bowls. Ronit says she is not sure what she wants the viewer to feel about her sculptures, the only thing she wants is the viewers to feel something. Ronit has diverse academic background with a degree in psychology, art history and fine art. 

Artist website:


Creative photo manipulations by Vincent Bourilhon

Photographer Vincent Bourilhon mixes images using photoshop to create surreal pictures that transport the viewer into a different world. Vincent makes full use of his vivid imagination and skill to create compelling images that stay with the viewer. 

Artist website:

Bas relief sculptures carved on coins by Paolo Curico

The art of carving on coins is mostly referred to as Hobo Nickel art. The process involves scrapping out the earlier emboss and replacing it with a new one by the process of hand carving. Here i am listing out the carvings created by Barcelona based artist Paolo Curico. Its a popular practice to mostly incorporate skulls in this form of art. Paolo has carved many icons from movies and literature in his works. 

Artist website: Video tutorials by the artist on Youtube