Beautiful floral watercolor paintings by Marney Ward

Canadian artist Marney Ward creates splendid water color paintings of flowers and bushes. Apart from painting she also teaches water color paintings through her online course. Marney's paintings are very hyperreal which is very hard to achieve when painting with watercolor. 

Artist website: Marney Ward on Facebook

Minimalistic paintings by Jarek Puczel

Polish artist Jarek Puczel tries to captures the calmness of unimportant events through his paintings. His paintings are very minimalistic.

Jarek puczel has an MA from University of Warsaw.  

Artist website: Jarek Puczel on FacebookSaatchiArt

Tristan Pigott juxtaposes realistic figures against surreal backdrop in his paintings

Weird and dreamy are the words that come to my mind when i see these paintings by Tristan Pigott. The figures are partly realistic but the way they are portrayed and their distant expression makes you feel as if they are part of someone's dream, they don't look like people or character who exist for real.

Tristan Pigott has a BA in painting from Camberwell college of Arts.

Artist website: Tristan Pigot on FacebookTwitter

Cool Indian mythological paintings by Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh uses are variety of medium like oil, acrylic, ink and digital art. He merges ancient stories from the Indian mythology with modern art. He uses graphic novel style art combined with traditional mediums to create stunning works of Art. He worked as visual artist for Shekhar Kapoor and Deepak chopra's Ramayan 3392. He has also worked on several other comic books based on Indian mythology. 

Abhishek Singh currently switches between his studios in Brooklyn, New York and Mumbai. He has a degree in Animation film design from India's prestigious National Institute of Design. 

Artist website: Abhishek Singh on Facebook , Tumblr, TwitterDeviantArt